Coming up this year


Hi there! Just to let those of you following know that this blog hasn’t been abandoned. Things have been even more busy than usual at work and since sleep is overrated, I also did a twelve weeks Edx course on ‘Shakespeare: On Screen and in Performance’ by Wellesley College which was a lot of fun, but also time-consuming.

The new year started just like the last one: with a trip to London (the photo above shows the Austrian alps from the plane en route there). We saw East is East at Trafalgar Studios, City of Angels at the Donmar Warehouse and King Charles III at Wyndham’s. The reviews are coming up asap! The latter two are only on for a few weeks more and East is East is now touring, so a quick spoiler should you be undecided whether they are worth it: definitely.

This blog is now one year old and I never thought it would be so much fun. A friend kept suggesting I should blog about my visits to the theatre and after dismissing the thought for years, another friend said she’d start a band if I started the blog, so I went for it, thinking no one would read my ramblings anyway. Boy, was I wrong. A huge thank you to all of you who read, commented, contacted me via the contact form or retweeted!

Another big thank you goes to my sister iwishyoumuchmirth, who has kindly been contributing reviews to the plays she’s seen without me or when my day has not enough hours to get a review done in a timely fashion.

I can already say that this year will be as full of theatre as the last. We will watch all broadcasts of NT Live and RSC (as long as I’m in the country) and I’m still hoping the three plays filmed at the Stratford Festival in Canada are going to be made available in Europe too.

Additionally, we have tickets to The Ruling Class at Trafalgar Transformed, there will be at least two Hamlets (one in Stratford, On and one at the Barbican in London), The Pysicists, The Adventures of Pericles, Taming of the Shrew, She Stoops to Conquer, Oedipus Rex, Possible Worlds and an amateur production of Ödön von Horváth’s Jugend ohne Gott (Youth without God). I’m sure there will be more productions announced within the year that we won’t be able to resist.

In the meantime, I’d like to recommend spending your time over at Mingled Yarns (her review of King Charles III convinced me to get tickets) and for those of you who understand German, Singende Lehrerin. Don’t open the e-mail alert for a new post of hers if the title contains ‘Stilblüten-Quickie’ and you are in public or at work. Her English students provide her with the bloopers, but her commenting them is what is going to crack you up.

For the Shakespeare fans: There’s a MOOC about Hamlet starting on Futurelearn January 19, followed by Much Ado About Nothing (both by the University of Birmingham in collaboration with the RSC). Also, should you not know her work yet, (or @GoodTickleBrain on Twitter) is hilarious.

And now I’m off to write the promised first reviews of the year. Talk you you soon!

5 thoughts on “Coming up this year

  1. Oh, wow, thanks so much for advertising my blog! I’m really glad that my “Stilblüten-Quickies” seem to bring you so much joy and laughter! 🙂

    When will you be seeing “The Ruling Class”? Can’t wait… 🙂


    • I only call it as I see it 🙂

      The ‘shouting with guns’ one cracked me up so hard, I had to forward the email to the guy I’m sharing the office with. He went from thinking I had lost my mind to crying with laughter. Yippee-ki-yay indeed 😉

      Feb 25 I think (if that’s Wednesday). I’m in Liverpool and then London for business and managed to get an evening at my free disposal. *yay* When are you going?


      • Well, since I’ve got a lot of papers do grade within the next few weeks, there are bound to come up a few more “instant classics” 😉 – feel free to share them with colleagues and friends! 🙂

        Ha, I’m going to be there one week before you: Feb 18 and 19 (I couldn’t resist booking a matinee as well…). 🙂 So hopefully, my review will be out before yours! 😉 And on Feb 20: A View fron the Bridge with Mark Strong and Nicola Walker! I’ll probably have a really hard time, getting back to reality afterwards…


      • Will do! 😉

        Oh, nice! A View from the Bridge sounds really interesting. You’ll definitely have your review out before mine. Wednesday is halftime for me and I’ll be running around London like a madwoman for the rest of the week, so it might take a few days to reassemble my remaining braincells.


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