Hamlet (broadcast)


seen 15 October 2015, Haydn English Cinema, Vienna

I never thought I would say this about any play, but I actually liked this production a lot better on the big screen than live in the theatre.

If you were looking for a proper review of the production itself, you can find it here. This post is going to be about the broadcast only.

There were about six weeks between seeing the play live at the Barbican and the cinema broadcast and we both got the impression there were some small changes made in that time. Polonius was relying less on his reading and therefore funnier for example.

What struck me most however was how the broadcast was directed. The sheer size of the Barbican allows for camera angles smaller venues can only dream of and the set design that seemed ornate in the theatre was just right and looked gorgeous because only the parts relevant to the respective scene were visible. Also, some of the close-ups allowed emotions portrayed to come across more clearly than in the theatre . We had brilliant seats in the Barbican, but the later in the day it becomes the more schaßaugert* I become, so maybe that was my personal issue; although it only pertained to some actors, so maybe not.

Even though I stand with my original review on most things, this production really seems to have been made for the big screen or rather for being filmed.

*Viennese for short-sighted; the literal translation is shit-eyed.

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