Hi there! I am but mad north-north-west, but when the wind is southerly, feel free to call me Sonja. This blog is the result of friends suggesting I should write about the plays I’ve watched. The final push came in the shape of a trade off. The blog is now online, so somewhere in London, a band has to be formed. I’m looking forward to seeing you on stage, Rosemary!

Everything posted is my personal, very subjective opinion. I am not a professional reviewer, don’t get paid for anything I write here and am participating in the ‘let’s crash the theatre’s server’ lottery like everyone else. This also means that I am allowed to actually like stuff and decide emotionally if I do or not instead of performing a post-mortem of linguistic gymnastics.

Together with the best sister ever – and now also joined by a dear friend we ‘infected’ – I usually spend up to a week per year in Stratford, Ontario at the Shakespeare Festival, taking in up to two plays per day, and travel to London once in a while (not as often as I’d like).

When I’m not at work, on my couch, in a theatre, cinema or live music venue, I run through the woods shooting styrofoam animals with bow and arrows, just run unarmed or go nuts with my camera.

I live in Vienna (Austria) and am not a native English speaker. If you spot any mistakes, feel free to point them out so I can correct them.

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