The Commitments


Seen 1 November 2015, Palace Theatre London (Dernière)
Written by Roddy Doyle
Directed by Jamie Lloyd

Do you know how sometimes movies, plays or musicals open, you want to see them but can’t make it and suddenly their run is over? When The Commitments opened in 2013, I wanted to see the show, but somehow it never happened. When I noticed the day I was flying to London for a meeting the next morning was also that of the last two performances, I decided  to try my luck. Mixed reviews be damned and dernières are sometimes more fun than regular performances anyway. Continue reading

Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show

3rd December 2014
Museumsquartier Halle E, Vienna

Written by Richard O’Brien

Directed by Sam Buntrock

Cast: Charles Brunton, Harriet Bunton, David Ribi, Stuart Matthew Price, Maria Franzén, Hannah Cadec, Vincent Gray, Jenny Perry, Amy Webb, Joshua Dever, Liam Ross-Mills, Jana Stelley, Paul Knights, (Rob Fowler)

Band: Pablo Navarro, Sean Green, Dustin Drews, Dennis Hormes, Robert Lindemann, Jérôme Lellouche

Narrator: Chris Lohner

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